Friday, October 3, 2014


Last night, was the first night in awhile that I was able to sleep the whole night through. Even though I slept the whole night, I still got up around 4:40 am in panic and a cry fit. 

I cried because I'm never going to see my daughter again and tell her how beautiful she was; no matter how much her grandmother and father try to break her down.

I cried because I'm never going to be able to tell her why I was fighting for her so bad. 

I cried because I'm never going to see how she mature into a beautiful woman.

My fondest memory of my daughter, is when she was 6 years old; we had our normal monthly visit and I got her to dress her up as Cinderella. She look beautiful and I didn't know that our time was short. 

I had this in my inbox and I decided to share it, because even though I'm having a bad morning; I'm finding comfort in the memories we made for the short time our loved one's was here. Cherish the memories because that's what truly carries you through.

How are you feeling today?